About GrowUpSmart

GrowUpSmart is founded on the idea that all children can and should be great learners.

But we live in a noisy and busy world full of distractions for the young mind and many obstacles stand in the way of the child reaching its full potential.

Thousands of distractions are flowing from TVs, computers, game consoles, smart phones and iPads and they are constantly fighting for the child's attention. Most of them are unfortunately not constructively adding to the child's learning.

School is - hopefully - a place of great educational development and intense learning for the child.
But even here lurks the dangers of the child not being challenged on the level of its abilities and therefore not developing its full potential.

At GrowUpSmart we consider teachers to be everyday heroes, but even the best teachers struggle to address the educational needs of each individual in a classroom full of children at different levels of maturity and with different abilities and needs.


Obsessed with learning

At GrowUpSmart we are obsessed with learning and we believe that learning should be a life-long journey for everyone.
We want to find the best ways to teach children new skills and to make them better learners altogether.

We want find the trigger points for children's motivation for learning, pique their curiosity for seeking knowledge to a point where they get to feel the satisfaction and joy of making their own discoveries.

We are keen students of what fields such as neuroscience and psychology can teach us about how we achieve the most effective learning.
By understanding how the brain processes and stores new knowledge, we can design our teaching accordingly for maximum effect.

What we sell

We offer educational games, toys and activities that are designed to engage children in high-learning experiences.

Many games and toys offer such experiences once you "get into it", but we have found that many children lose interest early on, if they don't get a proper introduction to how to play with it.
That's why we put a lot of effort into teaching children how to play their new game or with their new toy.

Our products come with easy-to-understand instructions, demonstration videos or in some cases even full online courses to make sure your child does not get stuck and lose interest early on.

The GrowUpSmart blog

We invite parents to join our quest for knowledge about children's learning.

On the GrowUpSmart blog we cover many aspects related to children's learning and we seek out the latest news and knowledge from the world of child psychology, behavior and health.

Visit the blog here.