5 Free Memory Games You Can Play Without A Computer

The game of Memory is a classic game that I always enjoy playing with my children. As soon as they learned a few basic tactics about playing the game, they started to beat me more often than not. The pleasure of seeing them excel in this type of game, beats my own slight disappointment in myself.

The game really puts your working memory to the test. How well can you remember the position of the cards on the table and how many cards can you juggle in your memory simultaneously?

While practicing focused attention and short term memory, the game can also be used to learn new material. Imagine if the cards you match is not based on two duplicate images, but rather on questions and answers that you had to match up. So in order to match a pair of cards, you would need to know the right answers to the right questions.

This is a fun way to add new knowledge to your child’s or even your own long-term memory. If you play the same game every day for several days, you would be applying the principles of spaced repetition and recall, which are some of the most popular techniques that neuroscientists recommend for retaining new information for the long term. All while having fun.

So regardless of age group and subject, you or your child can benefit from playing your own custom game of memory depending on what subject you want practice.

However, we want to make it easy for you to get started, so we have prepared a few games of Memory for your free download.

Flags of the World Memory game


Learn the flags of many countries from around the World. We made a few different sheets to allow you to play different variations of the game:

Sheet 1: Cards, where the name of the country is printed below each flag. You can print this sheet in two copies to get a full memory game.
Sheet 2: This sheet only has pictures of the flags
Sheet 3: This sheet only has the name of the countries.

So use sheets 2 and 3 to learn flags from around the World or test your existing knowledge. Use sheet 1 for checking your answers.

Alphabet Memory game


The alphabet is one of the first things we expect young school children to memorize. Not only do they have to learn the different letters, but they also have to memorize the uppercase and lowercase variations of each letter.
This memory game practices these two letter variations along with a few of the most common punctuation marks.

Occupation Memory game


This Memory game is meant to be played in the classic Memory style, where players must remember the position of two identical cards.
The theme of the game is different occupations. These cards can make great talking points with young children about different occupations and activities.

Color Memory Game

If you want to take your memory game up a notch, try this one, which is using the same shape on all cards, but with different colors. This is guaranteed

These Memory game cards are also meant for playing in the traditional style. The theme of this game is everyday items. As an added learning point, try to find synonyms with your child for the objects on the cards. What different words can you find that describes these objects. Great exercise for expanding the vocabulary.

DIY Memory game


Draw or write your own matching cards with this memory card template. It saves you the hassle of setting this up on the computer. Just print the PDF, cut out the ready-made squares and make you own matching cards of whatever you want to remember.

The Chessboard Twist

As we have covered extensively in other posts, we think that all homes should have a good chess game and we love to come up with new ideas for how to use the chess board for all kinds of games and activities.

The game of Memory is no different. If you have a decent size chessboard, you can place the memory cards on the chessboard and this way ensure that the cards do not shift positions during the game. This helps keeping the game organized and it reinforces the “coordinate system thinking” that characterizes the Memory game.

You can download all PDFs above by following this link.

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