GrowUpSmart Tangram Puzzle

The Tangram puzzle can be traced back to the ancient Chinese Song dynasty. The seven simple geometric shapes - also known as tans - are used to solve puzzles in a very unique way.
The puzzle consists of a shape. You can only see the silhouette of the shape and you now need to figure out how to build this shape using the seven tans.
Tangram puzzles are an excellent brain exercise and used by schools all over the world for stimulating children's spatial intelligence and building a deeper understanding for several math and geometry related subjects.
Tangram Main Image

The GrowUpSmart Tangram Puzzle is a colorful variation of this classic game. It measures 5.5 x 5.5 inches and is made of solid wood. 

Within the box of each game comes an access code to a set of online introduction videos that teaches how to play with the game and you also get access to any Tangram puzzles for your entertainment.

The price right now is just $9.99 including the bonus video access. Click the button below to buy the GrowUpSmart Tangram Puzzle on Amazon.