Smart Tactics Chess Set Series

Chess is not just one of  the most classic games of all times and played by millions of people around the World. It's also an excellent game to exercise and strengthen a multitude of cognitive skills.
Study after study performed in recent years have shown a direct correlation between children playing chess and improvement of their memory, spatial and numerical skills, problem-solving capabilities and logical thinking.
There are simply so many good reasons why children should play chess that we have decided to make this game our flagship product for 2016.

We have made three different variations of the game to give you the choice of a couple of cool upgrades. The variations are: Standard, Plus and Premium Edition. Read about them below or go straight to the comparison chart.

Smart Tactics Chess Set Standard Edition

The Standard Edition is all you need to get started with chess. The board measures 16x16 inches when it is unfolded and is made from FSC® certified New Zealand pine wood.
It has algebraic notation (numbers and letters) beautifully engraved around the borders. 
The inside of the game has a black velvet lining and elastic straps for keeping the chess pieces fastened during storage and transportation.
Inside the game you will find an access code to unlock the video course "Learn How To Play Chess".
Engraved algebraic notation
Black velvet lining and elastic strap for keeping the chess pieces securely fastened and organized
Free access to the beginner's video course: "Learn How To Play Chess"
FSC® ensures the health of the world’s forests for future generations
Product is laboratory tested and meets US Toy Safety standards

Smart Tactics Chess Set Plus Edition

The Plus Edition of the Smart Tactics Chess Set contains the same as the Standard Edition, but here we also added a chess bag that comfortably fits the folded chess board. 
The bag is great for protecting your chess board from scratches and dents during storage or when you bring the game out of the house.

Smart Tactics Chess Set Premium Edition

The Premium edition of the Smart Tactics Chess Set contains the same chess board and chess bag as the Plus edition, but it also contains a bag of 12 extra chess pieces: 

  • Extra pawns: 1 white + 1 black
  • Extra rooks: 1 white + 1 black
  • Extra knights: 1 white + 1 black
  • Extra bishops: 1 white + 1 black
  • Extra queens: 1 white + 1 black
  • Extra kings: 1 white + 1 black

We know from own experiences that when games with many loose pieces are played often, there is a risk that pieces go missing. Maybe they are under the sofa or maybe the youngest in the house decided to play with them. For whatever reason, these extra pieces will be your back-up against those scenarios. 
Extra pieces are however not only useful as back-up. During a chess game the pawns can get promoted to a more powerful piece (usually a queen) if they reach the last row on the board. Rather than having to pretend that this pawn is now a queen, you can now actually swap the pawn for an actual queen.

Comparison chart of the Smart Tactics Chess Set editions




Board size: 16x16 inches
32 chess pieces.
Height of kings: 3 inches
Base material: FSC® Certified New Zealand Pine Tree
Top material: Basswood and walnut veneer
Algebraic notation (numbers and letters) engraved on the board
Black velvet lining inside and elastic strap for fastening chess pieces
Video course included:
"Learn How To Play Chess"
Chess bag for protection during storage and transportation
Extra chess pieces (one of each type and color) for back-up and for pawn promotions during game play
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